The Call of Freedom

Using his love and respect for Afrikan history as his impetus, Michael A. Brown presents a robust, Afrikan warrior playing a huge elephant tusk horn that is painstakingly embelleshed with vignettes of the Afrikan experience. Each scene has been carved with detailed exactness, showing the spiral of history from the building of the pyramids of Egypt, through sub-Saharan Afrika, the middle passage, slavery, the Civil War and emancipation.

CLICK HERE! To have a look at the details present in the horn

Front view of Bronze: Call of Freedom Back view of Bronze: Call of Freedom
Statue Dimensions: 40"x12"x15" Edition Size: 19 $15000
To order this print send check or money order payable to:
Cultural Circles 1424 Belmont Street, NW Washington, DC 20009
or call: Phone:(202) 667-4324 Fax:(202) 667-4320
or Email:
(Please add $8.00 to your total order for shipping and Handling)
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