Celestial Child
Painting: Celestial Child Stepping right out of the biblical prophecy, coined in Isaiah 11:06, "..that the wolf will lodge with the lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the kid; the calf and the young lion will graze together and a little child will lead them;" the Celestial Child's innocence reaches from the soft tones of her ebony skin to the tips of her locks. The guiding light shinning from her heart, represents the spiritual purity that characterizes children. Emanating from her heavenly being, is a rainbow: the peaceful intermingling of flowers, birds and creatures of the sea. Bringing forth the age of gold and dedicated to "a love supreme" (which is written in the soft folds of her dress), she offers us in an out-stretched hand, the wonders of a new world and a new way of life. The overall design is based on the yin-yang symbol.
Print size: 11 3/4" diameter $20.00
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