All in Life is Twin
Painting: All In Life Is Twin All in Life is Twin is based on the principal of the "Duality of Oneness." The twin Congolese Queens are superimposed over an Egyptian diagram called , "The Element of Opposites" is a square with diagonal lines extending from its corners and horizontal and vertical lines through its center. The horizontal and vertical points form a diamond. The four corners of the square represents the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. When two of the elements touch a 'quality' is created. The four qualities are Hot, Cold, Wet and Dry. Balance is thereby created by complements. One queen is light with warm colors, while the other queen is dark with cool colors. One carries the crook, the other, the flail, both symbolds of pharaonic rule. So they are linked together as one. Together they/we reflect not only ancestral beauty, but the complete spectrum of color from ultra-violet to infra-red.
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