Homage To Woman
Homeage To Woman

This very unusual tribute to African-womanhood was derived from a woodcut and stamped in gold foil.  The various women come from very distinguished nations: Fulani, Khoi San (Hottentot), Ife, Congo and Xhosa.   The Ghanian Adinkra symbol of the omnipotence of God, is found over the Fulani woman's head; the symbol for greatness and supremacy is the background cloth; and the symbol for imperishability is on the back of the of the Congolese woman.

The ankh, which is the Egyptian symbol for life and the union of the male-female principles, rests like a staff in the hands of the Khoi San woman.   From the headpieces of the women at the extreme right and left, emerge decorated horns reminiscent of Benin ivory carvings, that bring a sense of completeness to the entire work.   The gold and black coloring adds a sense of majesty to the figures, and sincerity to the commemoration.

This image is gold foil embossed

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