Homage To Man
Homeage To Man

In honor of the African man, who was the original man, this circular masterpiece shows warriors in varying stages of readiness to protect and defend the love and tenderness demonstrated by the central figure of a father embracing his newborn.

This celebration of African-manhood incorporates figures from various classical African nations.   Moving clockwise, the top figure is a member of the Masai, next is the Oni (King) of Ife, next is the hunter, next, with the Adinkra symbol for "a call to arms" on his chest, is a Nubian warrior blowing the war horn, next is a Watusi, next is a Zulu warrior with the Adinkra symbol for fearlessness on his back, and in the center, an African-American father holding his newborn.

This image is gold foil embossed

Print size: 16" diameter $50.00
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