For a limited time, Michael is making two versions of Celestial Child, formated as a computer backdrop, available for download.   You have your choice of backdrop colors Olive Green and Cornflower Blue.   The files are available in 2 formats JPEG and zip compressed Windows BMP files.   Macintosh users can download the JPEG files while Windows users should select the ZIP files, which are compressed Windows bitmap files.

Corn Flower Blue
Olive Green
1024 by 768 pixels CelestialCFB1024.jpg size:   149,936 bytes     MAC size:   1,013,966 bytes   WIN
CelestialOG1024.jpg size:   143,460 bytes   MAC size:   980,400 bytes   WIN
800 by 600 pixels CelestialCFB800.jpg size:   99,514 bytes     MAC size:   632,870 bytes   WIN
CelestialOG800.jpg size:   94,622 bytes     MAC size:   610,753 bytes   WIN
To download, right click with your mouse and select "save as."   Graphics savvy Windows users can save time downloading by selecting the JPEG files and use a graphics conversion program to convert the backdrop files to BMP format.
To order this print send check or money order payable to:
Cultural Circles 1424 Belmont Street, NW Washington, DC 20009
or call: Phone:(202) 667-4324 Fax:(202) 667-4320
or Email:
(Please add $8.00 to your total order for shipping and Handling)
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